Monday, October 27, 2008

Sign Up Now!!!

Hi Everyone!

We are so excited about how involved many of you have become. We've been getting quite a few emails from parents asking how they can get involved. Honestly, it's not enough though. We really need to get the word out about this legislation and our need for parent support. If you have already signed up to help, THANK YOU! You can take the next step by recruiting your family, friends, neighbors, teachers, therapist, and doctors to sign up to help too. Please call these people and ask them to sign up. If you haven't sent us an email volunteering to help, please do that right now! Send us an email at Then call your friends and family too! We need to find at least 5 people in every legislative district before we can move forward with this campaign.

Lastly, make sure you have signed up for email alerts through They are part of the Autism Speaks organization. They are working very closely with us on this legislation. They are also working on federal legislation too. So please sign up with them to keep up on legislative action going on around the country.
Thank you again for all the support. We won't be able to get this bill passed without support from all of you.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Senator Howard Stephenson is Our Man!!!

Great News! We have a sponsor for our bill! Senator Howard Stephenson (district 11) is excited to fight hard for us to get this bill passed. Senator Stephenson has a personal connection to the fight against autism. He wants the best outcome for children and families in Utah that are affected by autism.
So, now is the time to get the ball rolling. This is where we really need your help! We're not asking much, just a phone call.... easy as that! We need at least five parents from every legislative district to call their Senator and Representative to ask them to co-sponsor this bill. Please contact us at Let us know that you want to call your legislators. We will find out who your legislators are and give you the tools you need to make an appealing phone call to them.
Please join us in this fight for our children and our families. Please join our email list, and volunteer to make a simple phone call. The more phone calls the legislators get, the better the chances that we'll get this legislation passed this year. Remember, the election is in less than a month. Your legislators should know that your vote could be dependant on their support for this bill.