Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Utah Business Support for Clay's Law

We'd like to thank Fraser Bullock for all of the great support that he has given to Clay's Law. He's been working hard right along with us to ensure that SB-43 passes. He recently gained the support of many influential business leaders of Utah. Fraser shared with us that, "Virtually every one I contact in the business community thinks this is obvious to do."

Thanks Fraser, we are so fortunate to have you on our team!!!

Supporters of Clay's Law

Individual: Title - Company

JJim Sorenson: CEO - The Sorenson Companies
Fraser Bullock: Managing Dir - Sorenson Capital
Scott Anderson: President - Zions Bank
Josh James: CEO - Omniture
Steve Creamer: CEO - Energy Solutions
Jim Thornton: CEO - Provo Craft
Blake Roney: Chairman - NuSkin
Randy Hales: CEO - Mity Enterprises
Kirk Benson: CEO - Headwaters
Dave Layton: CEO - Layton Construction
Paul Magleby: CEO - Magleby Construction
James Patterson: President - Patterson Construction
Jack Sunderlage: CEO - Content Watch
Glen Mella: President - Control 4
Greg Butterfield: Former CEO - Altiris
Gary Crocker: Chairman - Merrimack
Steve Christensen: CEO - Broadweave
Henry Marsh: Founder - Mona Vie
Brent Wood: CEO - Wencor
Steve Peterson: CEO - Peterson, Inc.
Ron Smart: CEO - Wondoor
John Miller: CEO - National Beef
Phil Thompson: Former CEO - Industrial Supply
Nolan Karros: Former Speaker of the House
Ken Bullock: Executive Director - Utah League of Cities and Towns
Bob Frankenberg: Former CEO - Novell
Gordon Strachan: Partner - Strachan and Strachan
Dinesh Patel: Partner - vSpring
Jim Dreyfous: Partner - UV Ventures
Dave Moon: Partner - EsNet
Ralph Yarrow: Former CEO - Canopy
Brent Israelsen: Founder - Digital Bridge
Fred Zirkle: Partner - Industry Pro