Thursday, February 12, 2009

Everyone Pat Yourself on the Back!!!

We made it through the first step. Clay's Law passed the Senate Health and Human Services Committee hearing. The votes went 5 in favor and 1 opposed. This is all because of you and your hard work. These legislators know how important Clay's Law is to all of you. Please call or email the Senators and thank them for their favorable votes. We have to keep their votes through the Senate hearing next week, so they need to know how appreciative we are that they passed it through the hearing.

It was such an awesome experience this morning to see the great support that we had in that room for Clay's Law. Thank you for your hard work and support so far. The next step is the Senate Floor Vote. This will most likely take place next Tuesday. We don't have firm details on it yet, but will let you know as soon as possible. We will not have the opportunity to speak in favor of this bill like we did today. But, there is a gallery in the Senate that is open to the public. If we can firm up the details of when the vote will take place, we will let you all know so that you can be there again to show your support for the bill.

We have to apologize to those who brought their signs today. We were never told that signs weren't allowed. It was always part of our plan to have many signs in that room. We didn't hear anything about a rule against signs until we all started to walk in the room and the security was taking them away. We are so sorry about that. A lot of you put some hard work and money into those signs. We truly appreciate the effort!
Please contact these Senators and thank them for their favorable vote.

Senator Luz Robles:
Office (801) 521-0407 Home (801) 953-0905

Senator Chris Buttars:
Home (801) 561-0535

Senator Pat Jones:
Office (801) 322-5722 Home (801) 278-7667

Senator David Hinkins:
Office (435)-748-2828 Home (435)-384-5550

Senator Gregory Bell:
Office (801) 531-8900 ext. 148

The only vote in opposition came from Senator Allen Christensen. We sill think that we might be able to change his vote before the Senate vote on Tuesday. Even though we are frustrated with his opposition, we have to remember to stay positive and respectful when communicating with him. We do want to get a petition going in his district. We had quite a few people working on petitions in Sen. Bell's district. They were delivered to him yesterday. They obviously had a positive effect. If you would be willing to help us walk Senator Christensen's district this weekend, PLEASE LET US KNOW!


Please see Heathers real parent account of how the hearing went today. It brought tears to my eyes....