Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Meet and Greet - A Huge Success!

What a great turnout at the Legislative Meet and Greet. YOU GUYS WERE AWESOME LAST NIGHT! We were floored by the support and tenacity of our grass roots effort. A huge kudos to you all for making this a successful event. So many legislators spoke to us about the many heartfelt letters and phone calls that they have received. What a huge difference you're making...


Next step? Committee Hearing most likely next week. Start now gathering friends and family, neighbors - even people off the street - to show a huge presence. We want standing room only with people flooding into the halls packed in so close you can tell what kind of deodorant the person standing next to you is wearing. This will determine whether the bill makes it to the floor for a senate vote. As soon as Sen. Stephenson contacts me with the hearing date, I'm sending out a red alert!!!