Saturday, February 28, 2009

Monday Night Meeting

A lot has transpired with Clay's Law over the past two days. We once again thank everyone who came to the Candlelight Vigil on Thursday and to the Senate gallery on Friday. We're sorry the vote was delayed until 3:55pm, and many who came left disappointed. In order to explain the direction the Utah legislature is headed with healthcare reform (as best we can) and its affects on Clay's Law, we are hosting another meeting on Monday night. We encourage you to attend and appreciate everyone's input. Our last meeting generated a great and respectful debate and helped us make some some tough decisions.

Where: The Tyler Library in Midvale. 8041 S. Wood Street (55 West), Midvale, 84047

When: Monday Night at 7:00pm (STRICT rule: We have to be out of the building by 8:45pm so the meeting has to end at 8:30)