Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Don't forget about the Senate Vote on Wednesday at 2:00 pm. We have lots going on that day that we want you all to participate in. There are a few ways that we need to let our Senators know that we are there in full force....

1. Senators will be in their chambers from 10:00 am - Noon. During this time, anyone can send a brief note to their Senator letting them know that they hope for them to vote Yes on Clay's Law, and that they will be there watching their vote for Clay's Law later that day. If possible, bring a small photo of your child to attach to the note too. This is the best time to let them know you are there. So, if you can be there before 11:30 am to have the note delivered, GREAT!!! The notes have to either be on the special Blue Senate Paper that they have available, or they have to be stapled to the blue paper. The notes can be given to the security officer outside of the Senate Chambers to be delivered to the Senators.

2. As of now, there are no major lunches planned for the legislature on Wednesday. We would like to encourage all of you to call your Senator NOW and offer to bring them lunch that day. It may buy you an opportunity to get some face time with your Senator before they make their vote. We are working on the details of catering. We will not be allowed to bring a caterer into the Capitol. But, we can have a car outside with the premade lunches for you and your Senator. PLEASE LET US KNOW if you get an appointment set for lunch on Wednesday with your Senator. Two reasons: A. We need to know how many lunches to order, and B. We want as many people from your Senators district to be able to meet with you during that lunch. The more faces they see before the vote, the more likely they will vote in favor. So, we would need to notify everyone in your district that a lunch meeting is set.

3. The Clay's Law debate begins at 2:00 pm. It will be followed by the vote. If you were not able to come early, we still want to squeeze in those last notes to Senators letting them know that you are there. Sen. Stephenson has told us that it's most effective for the Senators to get the note earlier in the day. But, if you can't get there. We can still get them in at 2:00 pm. We would have to make sure that they are organized by about 1:30 to ensure that they are delivered promptly at 2:00 pm. We don't want them to get the notes after the vote has taken place. Luckily we can buy ourselves with time because of the "debate" that will happen before the actual vote.

Don't forget to WEAR RED!

As I stated in the last post, the Senate Gallery only seats about 100 people. They do not allow anyone to stand. So, Senator Stephenson is working hard to have video and audio pumped into the Capitol Rotunda. We want to make sure that everyone is involved. In order to continue showing courtesy and respect for the legislative process, we ask that parents with energetic children please stay in the Rotunda area for the vote.

Senator Stephenson was extremely impressed with the conduct of our grassroots supporters at the committee hearing. Please continue to always be polite and respectful to the legislators, even if they do not agree with you. Clay's Law is a very emotional issue and it is very easy to get frustrated with a legislator when they do not share our views. However, we need to respect their right to see this issue differently. If you start to feel up upset or angry, please end the conversation.

Lastly, Congratulations!!! In the last email, we asked you to contact your friends and family in the districts of Senator Stowell and Urquhart. Since that email, Senator Stowell has not only pledged his support, but has signed on as a Co-Sponsor and is urging other Senators to vote Yes for Clay's Law!!!! Great job!

Thank you for your ongoing support! Each and everyone of you have played such an important roll in this campaign. You are the reason that Clay's Law has been so successful thus far. There are only four more weeks of the legislative session. Let's keep pushing strong to get it passed now!!!