Saturday, February 14, 2009

Senate Vote on Wednesday at 2:00pm

Clay's Law is on a roll! The supporters who turned out in droves Thursday to fight the good fight thrilled us and Senator Stephenson. As a result, Clay's Law passed out of the Senate Health and Human Services Committee! Congratulations Utah! We have to keep the momentum going!!!!

The next stop for Clay's Law is the Senate Floor and 2 more votes! The first critical vote will be this Wednesday, February 18 at 2:00pm. We need your help to ensure that every state senator votes YES on Clay's Law! Please continue to contact your Senators so they don't stop hearing about the importance of passing this bill. You can also help pass Clay's Law by participating in getting petitions signed in one of the districts where we are gaining signatures. The Senate districts that we currently gaining signatures in are: Liljenquist, Christensen, Jenkins, Dayton, Valentine, Killpack, Madsen, and Urquhart.

PLEASE SHOW UP FOR THE VOTE! We need to continue demonstrating how much the citizens of Utah want this bill to pass the Utah Senate by showing up en masse for the vote on Wednesday at 2:00 pm. We need at least 300 people gathered in support at the Capital Rotunda and Senate chambers. Please wear something red and come to the Capitol Rotunda starting at 10:00am. We will have special note cards for everyone to sign that we will then deliver to each Senator prior to the vote. There also may be opportunities to speak to your Senator in person about supporting Clay's Law. The Senators will also know their constituents are there watching them vote! You can write a short note on a half sheet of paper or 3x5 card that says that you are here in support of Clay's Law. Tell them that you will be watching their vote today. Sign it with your name and city. Have your friends and neighbors make these basic cards too. If they can't come, ask them write a note too, and send it with you. All notes must be collected by 1:00pm so we can hand deliver them to each Senator just before the vote. The more notes they get, the more pressure they will feel from their constituents to vote in favor of Clay's Law.

The Senate Gallery only seats about 100 people. They do not allow anyone to stand so Senator Stephenson is working hard to have video and audio pumped into the Capitol Rotunda. We want to make sure that everyone is involved.

In order to continue showing courtesy and respect for the legislative process, we ask that parents with energetic children please stay in the Rotunda area for the vote.

Senator Stephenson was extremely impressed with the conduct of our grassroots supporters at the committee hearing. Please continue to always be polite and respectful to the legislators, even if they do not agree with you. Clay's Law is a very emotional issue and it is very easy to get frustrated with a legislator when they do not share our views. However, we need respect their right to see this issue differently. If you start to feel upset or angry, please end the conversation.

Lastly, we are struggling to get strong support in the districts for Senator Urquhart and Senator Stowell. If you have family or friends that live in these counties: Beaver, Garfield, Iron, Kane, Millard or Washington, Please ask them to contact their Senator and encourage them to support Clay's Law. We need to get more letters and phone calls to those two legislators ASAP.

Thank you for your ongoing support!