Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Contact your legislators / Meeting Thursday Night

We all needed a short break after the legislative session ended to reconnect with our families and reflect on how Clay's Law was treated by the legislature. We are now trying to map out our strategy for the interim and the next legislative session.

This is what we need to get going on right now.
1. Contact your legislators and let them know of your extreme disappointment that Clay's Law didn't pass. Politely ask them to take a more active roll in supporting Clay's Law next session.
2. Contact Speaker Clark and politely tell him that you are disappointed that Clay's Law was never released from the House Rules Committee for a vote.
3. Write letters to the editor or op-eds to your local newspapers as well as Deseret News and The Salt Lake Tribune.
4. Please put your feelers out there in the autism community to find more people who are willing to support Autism Legislation in the future. We have to be a bigger and stronger coalition next year. We need to show the legislature that we are not going away, in fact, we are getting a louder voice. Please help us by asking everyone you know to register with us.

The Utah Autism Coalition will be holding a meeting on Thursday evening at 7pm. We are meeting at the West Jordan Library at 1970 West 7800 South, West Jordan.
Some of the information to be covered is:
- How the legislative session ended for Clay's Law.
- Plans for the interim and the future of The Utah Autism Coalition.
- What you can do to help over the next nine months.
Please join us to participate in the discussions to help us set the stage for getting Clay's Law passed next legislative session.

Thank you for keeping up the fight!!!