Friday, April 6, 2012

Autism Awareness Day 6 - Call to action for UAC Members

The new autism prevalence rates of 1:88 children nationwide and 1:47 in Utah represent a call to each of us to take action now, in our own sphere of influence, for in that action there is so much hope for the many families and individuals affected by autism. For Autism Awareness month, the Utah Autism Coalition will be featuring a call to action to a group of individuals each day of April.

Alright this post is a bit self-serving because it will save our volunteers time. 

Have you become a UAC member yet?  If you are already a UAC member have you updated your information recently?  As we start ramping up for meetings in preparation of the 2013 legislative session (yep we are starting to prepare now) it is imperative we have your information so we can inform you of legislator and area specific advocacy opportunities.  We promise we will never use your information for anything other than autism advocacy.

So here is the call to action. 
-Click on the link to the left that says “Get Involved Now!” 
-If you’re a new UAC member enter your information
-If you are already a UAC member, click “submit” on the next screen then make sure to update your information when you receive an email asking you to do so.

Big thank you!  This will save us lots of time as we work to consolidate our information.  Our goal is to be really specific with our alerts so you receive the alerts most important to you and your area.

The Utah Autism Coalition