Monday, April 2, 2012

Autism Awareness Month Day 2 - A Call to Action for the Autism Community

The new autism prevalence rates of 1:88 children nationwide and 1:47 in Utah represent a call to each of us to take action now, in our own sphere of influence, for in that action there is so much hope for the many families and individuals affected by autism. For Autism Awareness month, the Utah Autism Coalition will be featuring a call to action to a group of individuals each day of April.

Day 2: A Call to Action for the Autism Community.

Dear Autism Community,

         I hadn't actually planned on posting a call to action for the autism community until a bit later in the month but a good friend came out with a blog post today that triggered the sentiments I had intended to share but could not have written as clearly and boldly as she did. I will be honest - the title threw me off. I am passionate about autism awareness and acceptance and would not call it "bull"; but I would call the bickering that sometimes goes on in our community "bull".

        Without further adieu - I issue a call to action to the autism community to open our hearts to each other and to those outside of our community who are caring enough to engage in constructive dialogue about autism. I encourage you to read today's Speaking on the Spectrum blog post at: Here is a highlight from this post:

"Here's the bottom line:

a- Whichever verbiage you use - autistic or person with autism - everyone should be respected.
b- Whatever your belief - Vaccines or Genetics or Environmental Factors or act of God - everyone should be respected.
c- Whether you want a cure or not - everyone should be respected.
d- Whether you medicate or don't medicate your child - everyone should be respected.
e- Whatever organization you support - everyone should be respected.
f- Whether you Light It Up Blue or choose another way to recognize the day - everyone should be respected.

Until the autism community comes together - truly comes together - those outside of our community will not pay attention to us. Those outside the community will never learn to adapt and accept those with autism because we can't even adapt and accept ourselves! We need to learn to be more tolerant."

Thank you,

The Utah Autism Coalition