Friday, April 13, 2012

URGENT! PEHP Autism Pilot Enrollment (correction and additional information)

In HB272 there are 3 different autism treatment options.  1) PEHP for Utah State Employees.  2) The Autism Treatment Account for the general public.  3) The medicaid waiver.  Please note that HB272 has restricted these programs to only be for children between the ages of 2-6 with a ASD diagnosis.

URGENT! Info for Utah State Employees - PEHP

If you are a state employee who qualifies for health insurance with the Public Employee Health Plan today is VERY IMPORTANT.  Open enrollment starts today as does enrollment for Utah State employees for the Autism Treatment Pilot and only the first 50 people who enroll are eligible for the pilot.  Make sure to keep a copy of your fax receipt or other documentation that shows you enrolled in the pilot.

We are working with PEHP to iron out all the wrinkles and problems and make sure the pilot does what is supposed to do… help children with autism access treatment.

Info about the Autism Treatment Account for the general public.

We do not have much information about the Autism Treatment Account that will serve the general public yet. However, there is a meeting of the Autism Treatment Account Advisory Committee next Tuesday, April 17th, at 1pm at the Children with Special Health Care Needs building at 44 N. Mario Capecchi Dr, 84114 in Conference Room A.  It is an open meeting.  If you are interested in utilizing this program we strongly encourage you to come and have your voice heard.

Medicaid Waiver

We apologize right now we don't have new information on the medicaid waiver.  When we do we will let you know.

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