Tuesday, August 7, 2012

ATTN: Utah parents of 2-5 year old children with autism

Confused about TREATMENT options for your 2-5 year old child with autism in Utah?

Private insurance, The PEHP Pilot program, The Utah Autism Treatment Fund or The Utah Autism Medicaid Waiver?

There has been a lot of information published recently on each of these treatment options. Are you still confused on which one to choose or how to enroll your child? You are probably not alone.

We would like to know if there is a need for a seminar on this topic and, if so, what location. Please respond with whether or not you would be interested in a free workshop on this issue and what city would be most convenient for you.

If there is enough demand in multiple locations we may hold more than one workshop. If there is no demand, we will continue to rely on the published information on each treatment program... so if this is something you need please speak up!

(For those parents whose children do not fit in this age range - please know that the Utah Autism Coalition will continue to fight for effective evidence-based medical treatment for all children with autism in the state of Utah. To join this effort go to http://www.utahautismcoalition.org and click on 'Get Involved Now'.)