Monday, August 6, 2012

Utah Autism Treatment Fund Update

The Utah Autism Treatment Fund program has recently finalized the rule for the Request for Grant Application process for providers that wish to participate in this program. Currently there is $910,000 available for the treatment of children with autism in Utah between the ages of 2-5. There is speculation that this fund may increase based on promised contributions from insurance providers. This funding will be awarded to qualifying providers in grant form and the published rule clarifies how applications will be evaluated and funding will be awarded.

If you are a provider interested in participating in this program or know of a provider you would like to access through this program please visit the following link:

The submission deadline for providers is August 21st, 2012, so please submit your proposal ASAP. If you are a parent interested in having your child access treatment through this fund please watch for updates on link above. Parents and guardians can enroll children with autism directly through providers that have received funding. You can direct questions regarding this program to We will post more information as it becomes available.