Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Where does your Senator / Representative stand?

Do you know where your local Senator or Representative stands on autism issues in Utah?

1 in 47 children in Utah have autism as opposed to the national average of 1 in 88. We have the highest prevalence rate in the entire US and yet Utah remains one of just 18 states that does not have laws on the books requiring insurance carriers to cover autism as any other medical condition.

Without the ability to access medically necessary treatment for autism, children in Utah are being denied important medical care - giving them a 2% chance of achieving best outcomes. Children who receive treatment have a 47% chance of achieving best outcomes and an 80-90% chance of achieving significant improvement.

Does your local Senator or Representative (or candidate for office) know this information? More importantly, do they know that YOU - a voter in their district - know this information? Do they know your sons or daughters affected by autism? Do they know your struggles? Do they know your family members, friends and neighbors that support you through your autism journey?

The Utah Autism Coalition is running legislative meetings now through November 22nd to help those affected by autism connect with public officials that can actually make positive change occur in our community. In a short one hour meeting you can make sure that you know where your elected officials stand and that they know where YOU stand. Please visit the UAC events page and see if there is a meeting arranged in your area. If there is not, please contact us at and we can help you get one arranged.