Thursday, November 29, 2012

IMPORTANT! Congressional hearings on rising autism rates TODAY.

IMPORTANT!!! Today is the Congressional Hearing on rising autism rates at 2pm ET, 12pm MT. Here is how you can be involved.

1-Tell Congressman Issa Your Autism Story for DC Autism Hearings. Fill in short form found here with your story:

2-Watch the hearing. There are a few ways to watch.
•House Committee Live Streams & Archives -
•Or channel 149, 1902 & HD 777

3-Share this information so others can get involved as well!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Utah Department of Health 
Medicaid has begun notifying applicants for the Autism Medicaid Waiver Pilot Program regarding whether or not their application was selected for participation in this program. We are interested in hearing back from parents that applied for this program as to whether or not they were accepted and what their experience has been. Please reply to this post with your comments or send them in a private message to Thank you!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

November / December Advocacy Campaign - Christmas Cards from Autism Street

For those who live on "Autism Street" the holidays pose some unique challenges...

Let's share those stories! Send your Utah policymakers a Christmas card and share with them a short, kind, sincere and possibly even humorous message about your experiences with Christmas on "Autism Street".

In addition to your address, add AUTISM STREET below your name on the return address portion of the envelope. Let's see how many cards from Autism Street we can get send from Autism Street this year!

[Post DONE on this event for all to see]


Find your new post-redistricting State Senate and House District numbers by entering your address here:

Find your 2013 Senator and Representative addresses listed by district number here:


For those of you that get WRITERS BLOCK when trying to write a card, here is a sample note:

Dear Senator/Representative Doe,

I am writing to you from Autism Street. I have a _______ [child, friend, student, cousin, grandchild, etc] that lives with autism. I love them very much. The unusual routine and hustle of the holidays can be very hard on a person with autism. As you celebrate this season of giving, please hold a place in your heart for those affected by this disability. Thank you for your support and understanding.


Jane Constituent


Feel free to copy at will or write your own message!