Friday, October 14, 2016

Survey Response: Chadwick H. Fairbanks III Candidate for US Congressional District #1

Candidates for the November 2016 elections were given the opportunity to answer a few questions relating to autism.  The following are Chadwick H. Fairbanks III's responses.

Healthcare:  44 states (including Utah) have enacted legislation requiring health insurance to cover autism.  State law cannot affect self-funded plans, which fall under federal ERISA rules.  Would you support adding autism coverage to federally-regulated plans?

Chadwick Fairbanks III:  Conditionally yes, I would only support adding autism to Federally-regulated health plans if the regulations allowed for alternative treatment of autism symptoms to include detoxification of GI tract, brain, liver, etc. using a variety of proven natural remedies as well as allowances for dietary changes.

Education:  Over the past 4 decades, the ADA and IDEA have dramatically improved access to education for students with disabilities, including those with autism.  Many students with autism need the support of an IEP or 504 plan in order to access an education.  Although IDEA requires states to provide services and provides some federal funding, that funding has never reached the originally intended 40%.  In 2016, IDEA is funded at around 16%.  Would you support efforts to increase federal funding for IDEA?

Chadwick Fairbanks III:  No, I don't support expanding Federal funding for anything not inside the Federal Government's purview which education is not as well as most things.  Removing D.C. from local and state governance and returning ALL of the funds under Federal control back to the States solves many, many problems.

Employment:  In the years following high school, 2/3rds of people with autism are neither employed nor continuing education.  “H.R. 5587: Strengthening Career and Technical Education for the 21st Century Act” passed the House in September.  It supports career and technical education (CTE) programs and helps students with autism gain skills necessary for employment.  Do you support such legislation?

Chadwick Fairbanks III:  No, I don't support spending ANY Federal money on anything not Federal.  The Federal Government only needs to collect money to perform the very little function it's designed to do.  Most of the money that is brought to D.C. needs to be returned to the States where each state can decide how best to take care of their autistic population.

Wandering:  Almost half of children with autism wander from a caregiver.  “S. 2614: Kevin and Avonte’s Law of 2016” passed the Senate in July.  It provides federal support for equipment and training for first responders and schools to combat wandering.  Do you support such legislation?

Chadwick Fairbanks III:No, same as answer 3.  Also, autism is a spectrum disorder because it's a neurological auto-immune disorder almost entirely brought on by environmental triggers, i.e. - vaccines. Furthermore, it is curable, just not with pharmaceuticals!  If this is the best information being brought forward by the Utah Autism Coalition, then I suggest that parents look elsewhere for the facts about how autism is really caused and how it can really be cured.

Personal experience:  The autism rate in Utah is 1 in 54.  Your family and social circle doesn’t have to be very large before it includes someone with autism.  If you want to share any personal or professional experience with autism, please do so.

Chadwick Fairbanks III:  Our first son is on the autism spectrum and has other vaccine damage to his body.  Our second son who didn't participate in vaccines is quite robust in his health and intellectual acuity.  Again, it would behoove parents to find out how vaccines attack gut health which attacks brain health.  Everyone is being lied to and experimented on by Big Government and Big Pharma.  I'd be happy to discuss off-line with anybody interested, but the facts, details, and bibliography are too exhaustive for this communication.